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There are requirements and complications one has to prepare prior to the lodgment of visa application. If you are planning to travel, then it is best advisable to mark up your calendar for your travel dates and Visit us for your Visa application at least 3 months before hand to know your Visa requirements and apply for your visa on timely manner. It is always recommendable to arrange the Visa lodgment appointment at least 14 days prior to your lodgment. When applying for the visa you should bear in mind that you are submitting documents with reason for travel and showcase your genuine intention to return to your home country. Every country shares more or less the same requirements in issuing a visa. However, there are slim differences here and there, depending on the country you are visiting, documents additional to the main identification papers and your current economic status.
However, A One Global Consultants ensures the applicants avoid any legal issues that may occur in relation to their relocation by assisting them to obtain visas and other related documentation. At A One Global Consultants our trained counselors provide free visa guidance to all the applicants. We guide our applicants in the entire visa process from filling up applications, preparing financial statements to training candidates for mock interviews. We have up to the minute information about visa requirements for destinations and give individual priority and guidance on a case to case basis.


Some of the Documents you need are:

  • Passport with at least 12 months remaining validity.
  • Citizenship documents.
  • Reason for Travel.

USA Student visa: 

USA Student Visa : America also known as THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY, has always been number one choice of destination for students. The cheaper tuition fee with massive scholarship in Universities is one of the major factors. Students who want to nail US Visa Interview are recommended to also appear for their SAT or GRE / GMAT, this gives students an edge towards their commitment for study in America. A One Global Consultants represents more than 60 prominent Universities. Our Interview Preparation sessions conducted are research based. With Interview Dates being fully booked in Nepal at times, Our Delhi office will also assist our Nepalese students get their US Visa Interview appointment in Delhi. It is advised to at least start preparations a year ahead if the USA is your choice of country for Overseas Education. Major Intakes are Jan & September with few Universities having other intakes in between.

Australian Student visa:

You are required to lodge your application for an Australian student visa at least 3 Months before the orientation date at your institution. Australian student visa allows you to stay in Australia to study full- time in a recognized education institution. In the duration of Australian student visa process, you must have applied for and been accepted to study in a registered full-time course at an educational institution in Australia. Apart from offering the right Australian student visa advice, expert counselors at A One Global Consultants, we will also review your documents. We represent more than 50 Australian Universities and Private Colleges offering Diploma to Masters Research Degrees. With our office in Brisbane our students located in whichever Australian City are satisfied with our services, beginning their Journey as Student from Nepal to their Migration Visa later in Australia.

UK Student visa: 

To obtain UK visa, you must qualify for the Tier 4 points-based system. You must have at least 40 points to get a student UK visa. Likewise, you will need to have proved sufficient Maintenance Funds is available to you for your study period in UK. One doesn’t need many financial documentations but must be sure that UK degree is what they are after. We have also successfully enrolled many students in UK Universities inside and outside London. Most popular degrees are for Masters, where course duration is of 1 year. Few of the Masters Degree also provide additional duration for internships.

Canadian Student visa: 

Also called Study Permit, Canadian visa requires you to submit documents that includes the unconditional acceptance letter, fees receipt, financial documents, scholarship letter if any, medical reports, work experience details and test scores. Our North America Team of Consultants specializes in Canadian education and study permit application, where we have assisted many students enroll successfully in College Diploma, Bachelors, PG Diploma, Masters in more than 20 Canadian Colleges we represent and work with.

Why A One Global Consultants is the Best at Student Visa Application:

  • Insider knowledge of the visa process
  • Updated information
  • Years of experience
  • Representing Top Education Providers
  • Well established procedures and processes
  • Mock interview sessions to prepare student for actual visa or admission interview
  • Regular seminars and presentations concerning the entire visa process.
  • Individual visa counseling and case preparation, with comprehensive guidance of paperwork and
    documentation required.
  • Pre-departure & Post – Arrival information counseling to ensure student expectations
    commensurate with reality.

With extensive knowledge and expertise in the prevailing immigration rules, we feel proud to say that we have a high percentage of visa success rates.
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