English Test Preparation Classes

Mock tests and test simulations are conducted regularly with the actual process of examination to prep the students for their real test. The practice exams help students understand the different types of questions and how to respond to them.

English Test Preparation Classes

A One Global offers classes to prepare the candidates applying for abroad to study to achieve higher scores on their tests for a better chance at receiving scholarships and expediting the visa application process. These English proficiency tests like IELTS, PTE, SATs, TOEFL, etc. are mandatory requirements while applying for higher education, working abroad, or immigrating to international countries such as Canada, UK, Australia, etc. A high score on these tests facilitates the enrollment process of universities and colleges along with the process of acquiring visas and residency permits.

In this preparation class, a course with comprehension instruction regarding the format of the tests will be discussed and they will be provided with strategies and tips to help them perform well on their exams. We coach you to enhance your grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills which helps you earn a higher score. We also give information about the structure of test, the kinds of questions that will be asked, and the time management techniques that can be applied to finish the exam on time.

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