Are you curious about the cost of studying in Canada? You’re in the right place.

With its incredibly famous colleges, different culture, and top notch schooling system, Canada is a top objective for international students. Nonetheless, one of the most significant viewpoints to consider while arranging your study in Canada is the cost of studying in Canada.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the Canada university fees, including different fields of study and programs. Whether you’re looking at renowned colleges in Toronto or in British Columbia, understanding the canada university fees for international students is fundamental to making informed choices.

Cost of Studying in Canada According to Field of Study


As an international student, you could think about the canada university fees for international students. All things considered, educational expenses at Canadian colleges are relatively more reasonable than in other nations.

Canada university fees additionally change from the program you’re considering, whether you’re an international or home student, and assuming you’re learning at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. Programs in medical and engineering are probably going to be more costly, while education arts and expressions programs are less expensive.

Here’s the Canada university fees according to the field of study:

Field of Study Undergraduate Tuition Fee (CAD) Graduate Tuition Fee (CAD)
Dentistry $58,222 $26,192
Veterinary medicine $66,503 $9,705
Law $38,110 $18,852
Pharmacy $41,398 $14,139
Engineering $37,377 $22,480
Business, Management, and Public Administration $32,460 $27,296
Mathematics, Computer, and Information Sciences $37,040 $19,088
Architecture $32,285 $26,061
Nursing $24,283 $16,774
Education $23,591 $17,583

Cost of Studying in Canada- Books and Supplies

At the point when you plan your funds, you will likewise have to incorporate the expense of books, electronics, and other instructional supplies into your financial plan. The sum you pay will shift from one year to another. With regards to course readings, you should investigate digital books, utilized books, or rental books to assist with decreasing expenses.

You should save somewhere around $1,000 each year for books and extra school equipment.

University Average Spent on Books
University of Montreal $479.70
McMaster University $682.75
McGill University $572.05
University of British Columbia $749.19
University of Toronto $707.22

Accommodation Cost of Studying in Canada

Finding nearby campus  at Canadian colleges can be a bit troublesome. Students ought to consider whether nearby campus is advantageous for them, as they need to share their room, lounge area, restroom, and other facilities with different students. Costs fluctuate depending on the area and the kind of convenience.

Here’s the average accommodation cost of studying in Canada according to type:

Accommodation Type Average Cost (CAD)
Homestays $400 – $800 per month
Dormitory $3,000 – $7,500 per school year
Renting $400 – $1,500 per month

Living Costs

While studying in Canada, you can live nearby or off-campus. You can socialize and make companions in the event that you decide to live nearby, and you’ll get a chance to purchase a meal as well. Institutes focus on first-year students on on-campus.

The month to month cost for everyday items in Canada for international students is between CAD $600 and $800 for food and other day to day expenses, excluding accommodation.

Living Expenses Average Cost (CAD)
Foods and groceries $300 – $400
Restaurants $12.00 – $35.00
Transportation $100.00 – $150.00 
Utilities $ 92.00 – $322.00
Rent per month $941.67 – $2,250 
Clothing $25.00 – $80.00

Health Insurance

All global students in Canada ought to have health care coverage included.

A couple of provinces give permission to Canada’s public medical services, while others anticipate that students should get private medical care.

Numerous Canadian institutions offer health insurance plans explicitly intended for international students, which can be added to your tuition and student fees. It is critical to comprehend the healthcare coverage accessible to you and guarantee that you have sufficient and adequate insurance during your stay in Canada.


Studying in Canada offers students a wonderful opportunity for scholastic achievement and mindfulness. Regardless, it’s basic to grasp and make plans for the cost of studying in Canada to ensure a productive and fulfilling experience.

By exploring instructive costs, making arrangements for ordinary expenses, researching amazing opportunities, and so on., you can effectively manage the cost of studying in Canada and seek after your profession goals with conviction.

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